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  • Where are the sixteen springs?

    When you visit our beautiful RV park, you will have the opportunity  to drink and enjoy the delicious water from one of the springs. The other 15 are located in various locations throughout the canyon

  • Where are you located?

    Driving East from Cloudcroft on Hwy 82  proceed 8.5 miles. Driving from the West, proceed 10 miles from Mayhill. From there turn North 16 Springs Canyon Road for 5 miles. Although the park may seem isolated, it is less than 30 minutes from the town of Cloudcroft, NM. It is always possible to drive over the partially paved and well-graveled road leading to and from the park, even when it rains. A number of families live in the area and travel the roads everyday on a year-round basis.

  • Are tents allowed?

    Yes. We allow one tent per site. Also a small childs’ tent is welcome alongside your RV for the little ones.

  • Can I bring my motorcycle or ATV?

    Yes. These may be used for travel to and from your site in addition to the many roads and trails in the area. A map will be provided upon request. Please be considerate of private land in the area.

  • Are there established quiet hours?

    Yes we do. We have these to insure the peace and tranquility of your stay with us. Enjoy!

  • Is firewood available?

    Most of the time there is firewood available to purchase for your campfires.

Sixteen Springs Canyon RV Park in Cloudcroft NM